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Six Springs Farm Hall of Fame Beef

2 lbs. Stew Meat

2 lbs. Stew Meat

Stew Meat – a versatile and hearty choice that's perfect for creating delicious, comforting stews, soups, and a wide range of culinary delights. This carefully selected cut is known for its rich flavor, tenderness, and adaptability, making it a kitchen essential for home chefs and culinary enthusiasts.

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(1.85 - 2.2 lbs.) Stew Meat

About Stew Meat:
Stew meat is typically a mixture of various cuts of beef, such as chuck, round, or even brisket, all expertly trimmed and cut into bite-sized pieces. This assortment ensures a balance of flavors and textures, making it perfect for slow-cooked dishes.

Perfect for Comfort Food:
Stew meat is the ideal choice when you're in the mood for comforting, soul-warming meals. It's perfect for cold evenings, family gatherings, or any time you want to savor the heartiness of a homemade stew.

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