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Six Springs Farm Hall of Fame Beef

Chuck Steak

Chuck Steak

Chuck Steak – a cherished classic in the world of beef cuts known for its rich, robust flavor and versatility. Derived from the shoulder region of the animal, this cut is beloved by cooks and chefs alike for its delicious potential in various culinary creations.
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(17 -20 oz.) Chuck Steak

About Chuck Steak:
Chuck steak is obtained from the shoulder area of the steer, specifically from the neck and upper shoulder blade. It's a well-marbled cut, making it exceptionally flavorful and a favorite choice for dishes that benefit from long, slow cooking.

Perfect for Hearty Dishes:
Whether you're crafting a classic beef stir-fry, flavorful fajitas, or just looking for a juicy and satisfying steak, its bold, beefy flavor and versatility make it a top pick for those who appreciate rich, fulfilling meals.

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