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Six Springs Farm Hall of Fame Beef

Tenderloin Filet

Tenderloin Filet

Tenderloin Filet – Known for its unrivaled tenderness, delicate flavor, and gourmet appeal. This cut, often regarded as the "filet mignon," is sourced from the tenderloin section of the steer and is a beloved choice among discerning steak enthusiasts and fine dining connoisseurs.

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(8 oz.) Tenderloin Filet

About Tenderloin Filet:
The Tenderloin filet is derived from the tenderloin, which is situated in the central part of the steer's back. This particular cut is celebrated for its exceptional tenderness and fine texture, making it one of the most sought-after cuts of beef worldwide.

Perfect for Gourmet Dining:
Tenderloin filet is the go-to choice for gourmet dining experiences. It's ideal for special occasions, intimate dinners, and moments when you want to savor the finest quality beef in a luxurious setting.

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