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Six Springs Farm Hall of Fame Beef

Tailgater Steak Sandwich Box

Tailgater Steak Sandwich Box

Tailgator Steak Sandwich Box – a game-changing collection that brings excitement to your table. Whether you're grilling outdoors, hosting a party, or simply enjoying a hearty sandwich, this box ensures that every bite is a touchdown in flavor and quality.
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What's included?

4.95 - 5.20 lbs. of Hall of Fame Steak Sandwich Cut form the Bottom Sirloin. Approx. 30 steaks

Thinly sliced steaks from the Bottom Sirloin, this steak cut is the perfect blend of tenderness and flavor. It's the star of the show and your ticket to creating unforgettable steak sandwiches that rival the best you'd find at your favorite tailgate.

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