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Six Springs Farm Hall of Fame Beef

Hall of Fame Summer Sausage

Hall of Fame Summer Sausage

Our delectable Summer Sausage comes in three flavors that will tantalize your taste buds: All Beef, Cheddar, and Garlic. Crafted with care and dedication, these sausages are the perfect addition to your charcuterie board, snack platter, or any time you crave a burst of savory goodness.

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What's included?

(1 lb.) Choice Flavor Summer Sausage

Flavors include:

Regular Summer Sausage: This classic summer sausage is a celebration of pure beef flavor. It's savory, smoky, and perfect for slicing and enjoying on its own or as part of a flavorful charcuterie spread.

Cheddar Summer Sausage: A delightful twist on tradition, the Cheddar Summer Sausage features the rich creaminess of cheddar cheese, perfectly complementing the savory notes of the sausage. Each bite is a harmonious blend of flavors.

Garlic Summer Sausage: The Garlic Summer Sausage is a flavor-packed choice with a zesty and savory garlic flavor.

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